RCI provides electronic systems solutions that both take advantage of today's technology and allow future flexibilty.

Why Digital Surveillance?



Problems with Analog Recording

  • VCR must be cleaned and rebuilt due to continuous wear
  • External video multiplexer must be used to record all cameras to one recorder
  • Unable to view while recording
  • Original tape given to authorities


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More Info

  • Digital Image Storage
  • Superior Image Quality
  • Standard Equipment
  • Alarm Inputs


  • No tapes to change, store or buy
  • No annual maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring via dial-up or LAN
  • No image degredation over time
  • Court admissable wavelet compression technology
  • Take advantage of mass production and save by using standard PC equipment and specialty software
  • Trigger alarm notification and recording on individual cameras based on external events ( door, window opening etc)


  • No moving parts to wear out, no more scheduled maintenance
  • Multiplexing and recording all in one unit
  • Triplex recording mode allows viewing saved images while recording, nothing to remember, allows ON recording
  • External CD-R Recording of archived images

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